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What to expect when you visit

Every parent wants a hopeful future for their child and a chance to prepare them for that time. Birth to three years is an important time for a child’s development and a parent is the child’s first, and best teacher. The early childhood activity times we offer are fun, informal ways to help learning.

We offer a variety of activities at Grace Place including:

~suggested $2 donation per family for each session~


Individual Mentoring

We offer support to families. You can be paired with a mentor to focus on relationships, job readiness, parenting issues, budgeting, or other areas of need. We help people learn how to build skills in decision making, goal setting, and problem solving.

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Gospel Hour & Bible Study

Gospel Hour happens in Winona on Wednesday mornings at 9am. Please join us for worship and prayer.

Rushford Bible Study will be scheduled to meet in the new year. Please call for more information.

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If you would like to know more about this program or any of our others, please contact us. 

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