Sing Your Own Song

Sing Your Own Song


As I finished writing my article for the last Grace Place newsletter, I heard the words “sing your own song.” I knew that the words were inspiration for what I am about to share with you today. I believe God impressed upon my heart that day to remember how freely we love to sing as children. That is because God created us to sing! Each of us has our own song to sing to the Lord!

At about the same time I was supervising Allie Stepka, a St. Mary’s University intern, and she happened to be in the Jazz Band at SMU. I just mentioned to her that for many years now I have had the desire to create a children's album of the songs I’ve been singing over the years. Did she think her band instructor Eric Heukeshoven might help with this project? Allie’s enthusiasm for this idea bubbled over to her professor and soon we were planning our first recording session which included the families that attend Morning Music at Grace Place Winona and Trempealeau.

One of the activities I have been doing with Morning Music families for many years is identifying birds and their songs. I use Audubon stuffed animal birds that sing when you squeeze them. This is educational and lots of fun for kids and parents or grandparents to do together! So, the birds came along to the recording session.

One day a very dear friend of mine told me that she had seen the most beautiful cardinal she had ever seen in her yard and it gave her great joy. The next day I was scheduled to talk about the new recording on Winona KWNO Radio with TJ Leverentz. Just before I left my house my heart said bring the cardinal. I had also invited a child who was attending the recording sessions to join in on the interview. Her name was Olivia. Olivia sang along with me and answered TJ's questions like a pro. When it came to identifying each one, she did much better than the young man interviewing her. However, TJ was able to identify the cardinal.

After the interview I went to my car and checked my messages before leaving the parking lot. On Face-book was a You Tube video entitled 1 Minute Prophecy by Joshua August. The topic was cardinals! He mentioned the very old saying that you probably have heard, “Cardinals appear when angels are near.” He spoke about God’s desire to release new songs in our lives and give life to our own desires we may have laid down or given up on. To tell you the truth, before Allie walked in my door, I was wondering how this children’s recording would ever happen.

Next on my agenda that morning was meeting with the families at St. Mary's to record. I shared the You Tube video and how God led me to bring the cardinal to the radio show. And how as I drove into St. Mary's I realized the Cardinal is the mascot of the University! God orchestrated all this to ensure that the music in my heart could be sung! The next morning one little guy named Abram said to his mom, “Did you know cardinal and Carla start with the same sounds”? Another reminder to keep singing my song. I hope you keep singing yours.

- Carla Burton

PSALM 104:33 I will sing to the Lord as long as I live. I will praise God to my last breath!

June 2019 Newsletter
Rachel Howe