Goodbye, Old Green Carpet

Goodbye, Old Green Carpet

Thank you to all our customers who visited so often our carpet wore out!

After 14 years of loving service, we recently replaced the old green carpet in our Winona Thrift Store. What a project! It started last summer when Jon Frelund (WSU) and Ben Robinson (Eagle Scout) helped us update and recarpet a portion of our store. We all know once you put new carpet in a portion of a room you will want to replace the rest. So that's what we did.

It takes a lot of steps to wear out a carpet. We are open 6 days every week. Most of those days at least 40 people come through our door. In a year we have over 12,000 visits! I would say each shopper takes 200 or more steps each visit (I have a Fit Bit), that adds up to 2,400,000 steps per year. If we multiply that number by 14 years it adds up to 33,600,000 STEPS! Now add in the steps the volunteers and staff take each day. Our volunteers put in over 5,000 hours each year. If they take 100 steps each hour that adds up to 500,000 steps. The grand total being 34,100,000!!!!

No wonder we needed new carpeting! Thank God for all those steps and that our green carpet served us so well. From beginning to end this project has been a labor of love. I would like to thank the following individuals for the work they did to update our store over the past year.

  • Vera Miller, Bill Reinardts and Thrivent - financial gifts

  • Jon Frelund - layout and design

  • Kyle Swanson- painting and remodeling

  • Anton- painting, SMU marketing connections

  • Alexandera Stepka- painting, design

  • Radiant Church Men’s Group- painting, moving shelving and removal of old carpet

  • Robin Miller and crew-carpet installation

  • Winona Post – Generous advertising at just the right time

  • Ben Robinson's Scout Troup

  • Grace Place Winona Volunteers-kindness, patience and flexibility this past year.

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Rachel Howe