Now Accepting Debit/Credit in our Stores!

We have long believed that without the support of the Lord, our community, and our faithful customers it would be hard for Grace Place Inc. to continue helping the families in our area that need our help.  One of the ways for Grace Place Inc. to continue to share our love and light is to be capable of accepting more forms of payment for our shoppers.  There have been several times where customers wanted to make purchases in support of our cause but only had a credit/debit card on them at the time, and didn't have the time or the transportation to get to their bank ATM.

We have been exploring what we could do to continue growing and be more convenient for our valued customers.  It became clear to us that our biggest priority was for us to implement a credit/debit card machine for the sheer convenience of the customers.  So after much research and finding the most cost-effective route, we finally started accepting credit/debit card transaction on April 30th, 2018.

We are grateful for all of the wonderful customers that stop in to our store and help to support our mission of helping families and spreading God's love!

On behalf of everyone here at Grace Place Inc., thank you for your continued support and God bless you!

- Tara Stevens

Jon Frelund