To provide Christian help and care for families


Help for families to live spiritually wholesome, safe, healthy, and productive lives so that they and their community may thrive

Core Values

We value life as a gift from God to be loved, nurtured, and respected.

We value the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives by cleansing our hearts and minds.

We value life lived with integrity exemplified by truth, honesty, and fairness in all that is done.

We value family stability, order and discipline, and the willingness to accept wise counsel.

We value the willingness to submit to the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word so that life is nurtured and talent is developed to its fullest potential, enabling us to bring glory to God.


An investment in people is an investment in community.

Through support, we continue to provide programs and activities that strengthen families and individuals.


The Miracle of Grace Place Inc.